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If you follow us you should know by now that we love French brands (clic, clic, clic). During our last trip to Paris we discovered Pablo, the new line of Gerard Darel, and we just fall in love with its simple cuts, refine textures and elegant pieces. We loved them even more when we knew that their motto was the famous quote by Oscar Wilde “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”!
Here you have our favourite pieces from their lookbook, if you’d like to see…

How cool is this suit! It’s like an upgraded pyjamas!

Pablo masters the comfy, natural yet chic looks.
Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:
And they have that perfect black suit that we all fantasize with:
But if I have to choose just one piece, that has to be this white suit*:
*I’m realizing now that I’m a little obsessed with suits lately!

Wait! Maybe I’d choose this skirt!

No, no, no… this Belle du jour – esque coat!

But they have wonderful accesories too…

Decisions, decisions…

What do you think? Everything is beyond beautiful right? And have you notice how cool those little white socks look? Don’t try it at home, though… It could be painful! ;)

PS: I need that haircut!

Pictures via Pablo

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