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Snapshots, pizza, a japanese restaurant and a few cocktails


Long waiting hours at the airport are better if you have tons of magazines. In fact, reading magazines is one of my favourite things to do on a plane. That and snacking! Oh, and snacking while reading magazines… that’s the bomb! I always choose travel magazines and gossip magazines (guilty pleasure that I only practise on holidays, I swear). That Time you see in the picture is not mine, is hers. She is the intellectual part of the couple ;)



Madrid de los Austrias, my favourite part of the city. It’s the perfect area to get lost in the little streets and meet your friends for lunch on Sundays. If the weather is nice it’s just wonderful, lively and full of good vibes. This time we ate an amazing pizza in Emma y Julia, a lovely pizzeria in Cava Baja, one of the streets with more personality in Madrid.


The pizza was perfect. But the bread basket that came with the Caprese salad was just unforgettable. If you just want to eat one thing in this place, let that be bread. Awesome!


Arco de cuchilleros. Castizo total.


And again waiting lounge… This time I was waiting for the train. Seville was waiting for me!!!


Celebration mode on. With Shushi and my new Facette by AB Line ;) Remember that our readers have a 5% discount with the code TSP3A90 until June!!!


Every birthday dinner should end with chocolate, even in a Japanese restaurant. This chocolate mousse was outstanding. The ginger cream added freshness and gave chocolate a spicy unexpected touch.

Great dinner followed by perfect dessert. That’s why I wanted to recommend you this fantastic Japanese restaurant in Seville: Matsuri (Calle del Amor de Dios 68). You’d better book because it’s tiny. Here you have the telephone number: +34 954 90 83 69.


Crappy photo but nice place. Mojito and Virgin Piña Colada at the Eme Catedral hotel bar. They also have a wonderful terrace with breathtaking views. And a great Spa, we made a post about it here! I’m realizing now that we visit frequently this hotel when in Seville…


Seville la nuit ;)


And back to the train (with more magazines, of course), back to Madrid and then back to Germany.

Spain we miss you!!!

PS: more posts about Madrid: clic, clic, clic and more post about Seville: clic, clic, clic.


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