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Salted Nutella peanut butter cookies


This weekend I felt like baking and we had some Nutella and peanut butter leftovers so I prepared these wonderful cookies, the perfect mix between sweet and salty!  I must admit that I don’t like peanut butter but it really is a great base ingredient for these cookies. It makes them chewy, sticky and adds a great texture. These cookies combine perfectly the crunchy salty peanut butter flavour with the smooth comforting sweetness of the Nutella.


I followed this recipe: super fun and easy. If you have kids this recipe would be the perfect way to introduce them to the art of baking. If the sea salt is too much for beginners palate, just skip this step. The cookies are lovely even without the pinch of salt!



  1. Awww they look so cute!!
    I’m not a peanut butter fan, but my mum and sister are total addicts so I’ll treat them soon x x x

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