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Nude nails


Spring, huh? Well, not in Germany, that’s for sure. Anyway, the weather will change eventually and we will feel like wearing pastels and preparing picnics. Although I’m a huge classic red nail manicure fan, when the weather gets warmer I prefer lighter shades. This Chanel polish is the perfect nude/baby pink… or at least so it seems. I have a love – hate relationship with Chanel nail polishes. I think Chanel has the most beautiful colour range but the quality is not very good. I find their polishes difficult to apply and a little bit thicker than necessary. Is it just me? Does anyone agree?

Creamy Angora by L’Oréal, Sapporo by Mavala or Skin by MAC are beautiful nude / baby pink colours that would be delightful for this season. But if I have to pick my favourite it would be Essie’s Sugar Daddy. Sweet, clean and pretty. Just like Spring!


  1. Pretty neutrals! And it if makes you feel any better, it’s not spring in Chicago either. It was a balmy 17 degrees on the way to work this morning.

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