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Nike dunk sky high City Pack


Even though we keep dreaming about sandals, light dresses and short shorts, we can’t wear them yet. Sad face. So let’s be realistic and think about the real German Spring: cold temperatures, constant rain and some occasional ray of light that got lost in its way to the south. With these beautiful weather conditions ballerinas, strappy sandals and slippers are out of the question. That’s way we have put all our attention in the new Nike dunk sky high City Pack sneackers. Aren’t they super cool? They will be released on March 27th, that is next week!!!

I’ll go for the London edition…


She is totally in love with the Milan edition…


Which is your favourite?

Anyway, I’ve been looking for the Nike dunk sky high Liberty edition like crazy. Does someone know where to get them? If you know where to find them, please leave a message on the comment section. Thank you!!!!

Images via Stylescrapbook. Check out her blog, is awesome! That’s why she received those sneakers before the release date, of course :)

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