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Paris souvenirs. Nice shopping addresses


Let’s start with the most famous Paris souvenir: the macaron. I have a soft spot for anything sweet and I had never ever bought macarons at Laduree, so this time I was determined to buy one of those sweet little pastel boxes. We almost didn’t make it though, we bought them at the airport! And what can I say?


Big dissappointment. I know, I know, thousands of people can’t be wrong, but… I expected more intense flavours. The macarons I ate here were much much much better. I’m happy we bought them anyway because we got to post a picture of macarons in our blog, which seems to be one of those things a blogger must do. Macarons: check. Now we need a Celine bag and a little dog and we will be real lifestyle bloggers :) Anyway, the package is really nice, so it’s going to be the perfect little box to carry my jewels when travelling.

In my opinion, Lenôtre macarons are way better. So avoid queues at Laduree and go there for a nice sweet treat.

And this here is our favourite Parisian souvenir. Maille mustard. We love the Maille boutique (6, Place de la Madeleine) because it’s super nice and elegant (and they sell mustard… I mean, that can only happen in Paris) and you can buy cute little mustard jars like these ones with the most amazing flavours that you won’t find anywhere else.
Place de la Madeleine is perfect to buy presents to take home because it’s full of magnifique gourmet shops: the best pastries, exotic fruits and more than 3.000 items at Fauchon, caviar at Caviar Kaspia or the finest French black truffles at Maison de la Truffe. Really, this area is a foodie paradise.

But we didn’t buy just food, obviously. We bought clothes too ;)


We found the coolest boutique in Montmartre, Roxan. Apparently they have other boutiques in Paris, but this one had the most beautiful selection of pieces of almost all our favourite brands. Really, their buyer knows how to do the work. We bought this lovely black and white blazer and a grat soft basic dark grey tee. We went out of the shop feeling like über cool Parisian girls. I mean: basics and plain colours. That’s Parisian chic, isn’t it? ;)



But if there is a place to shop in Paris that is Galeries La Fayette. That’s paradise. Really. The show department. The beauty department. The thousands of clothes. The food hall. That beautiful dome. Everything is pretty there. I could spend full days there… and I’m not exagerating. Oh, and they have wonderful sales! I bought this boots at a really really really ridiculous price!


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