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The best places to enjoy the first days of Spring in Paris


During our last stay in Paris we were really lucky and enjoyed what seemed to be a Spring sneak peek (notice the fashion week / blogger slang ;) After living for two years in the gloomy North of Germany, we have learnt that the best things in life are sun and light. They cheer you up and they make everything look better and warmer. So when in Paris, we decided to enjoy the first soft Spring rays of sunlight to the fullest… like there was no tomorrow. Just us and the sun. And the loveliest benches, squares, boulevards and corners of Paris, of course. Here you have a selection of our favourite places to enjoy sun like little ladybirds or grumpy retired old men, which in my opinion are the groups that dedicate most hours to this matter.


Place des Vosges is a must. Because it’s placed in the heart of Le Marais, because it’s incredibly beautiful and harmonious and because it’s the greatest place to rest after shopping like crazy in the most fashionable neibourghood of Paris. It also has little green areas and fountains, which is always relaxing. After sitting for a while in its green benches soaking in the delicate morning sun you will feel positive, happy and you will never ever want to leave Paris.



But if you want a quiet, romantic, charming place to sit for a moment, forget the world and enjoy the gorgeous smile of your beloved spouse, then Place Dauphin is fo you. Unfortunately this time a horrible cloud (that probably followed us from Germany) saddened the picture, but I can assure you this place is the epitome of French allure.


Are you an artist? Then we highly recommend Place Jean XXIII. Here, not only can you enjoy the lovely sun reflected on the Seine, but also the incredible views of Notre-Dame. You will probably find it really inspiring, as lots of painters do. That’s why they are always there painting, all alone, lost in their thoughts and canvases.

Once you cross the Pont de la Tournelle you will be in one of our favourite places in Paris, the Quai de la Tournelle. This could be the nicest walk in Paris. Breathtaking views of Notre-Dame, little kiosks full of old books, the Bouquinistes, and the bohemian Latin Quarter on the other side of the road.




The best plan for a sunny morning is picking up your breakfast at Eric Kayser, one of the best boulangeries in Paris, and spend the morning strolling around the wonderful Latin Quarter. Last Sunday we chose a croissant and a chocolate chip brioche. Delicious!



And since we already are in the Latin Quarter, let’s go to a charming corner famous thanks to a Woody Allen film…



Does it ring any bell? Yes, that’s the street where the magic begins every night in Midnight in Paris! Have you seen the movie? Did you like it? I did! I was really disappointed with To rome with love, though, and you? Anyway, I’m wandering off the subject… From this lovely corner of Paris you can walk towards the Jardin du Luxembourg, one of the most beautiful parks in Paris.

And speaking about beautiful parks in Paris we just can miss Le Tuileires, the best place to sunbathe in Paris. Seated in one of the iconics green chairs while sipping an aromatic coffe under the afternoon sun time really flies!

The German cloud folowed us here too… umpf.


And last, but not least the gorgeous Montmartre! You can always try to relax on the steps that take to the Sacré coeur, but I think that’s impossible. Way too many tourists and way to many pickpockets! We prefer to avoid this area! Just go and explore the little streets of Montmartre or walk along Rue Lepic, where the world famous Amelie’s Café Tabac des Deux Moulins is placed. Well, you may think that Amelie has damaged the area… I desagree because I love that film!!!


And if you are in Paris and the sun doesn’t shine… well, it doesn’t matter because it’s Paris and you will enjoy it anyway! And if it rains and it’s freezing… there is always shopping!! But we will talk about it tomorrow. Have a nice Wednesday! :)


  1. amazing POST! I love Paris!Peace Kisses and love!! Have a fun!Do you want to follow eachother?

  2. antoniobayonajewellery says

    Very tasteful pictures! I can’t wait to go soon…

  3. Love your photos from Paris. Slightly jealous. But so glad you had a great time! Inspired to go now! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

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  7. Dear theslowplace, to you own the picture of the Galette des Moulins? In a high resolution? We would like to ask you if we could get the data to print and place it on our wall in the size of 100x150cm, if possible… It is really extremely beautiful. Anne

    • Dear Anne,
      the picture is ours. If you are interested please send us an E-Mail! You can find the addres in the side bar of the blog!

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