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Dresses for Paris

polka dot
If there is a place that inspires me to dress up is Paris. Even though the super stylish French girls wear mostly skinny jeans and basic tees and blazers in plain colours, when in Paris I always feel like wearing prints, fluffy pastels and bright lipstick. I guess that’s because I’m not a cool stylish French girl. Anyway, it’s my Paris and I overdress if I want to! For me, the best way to feel girly, pretty and comfortable for a day wandering though the streets of Paris is wearing a beautiful dress.

Asos has an amazing selection of affordable dresses for this Spring. This polka dot dress would be perfect for a morning walk around Saint Germain des Prés, sigh! Here you have my favourites… maybe I give you some ideas for your next getaway!


This printed dress is gorgeous!


Orange for a fancy dinner.


This dress is my fave. Super nice, simple yet girly enough to wear it with ballerinas.


Another cute print that would be perfect with a pair of strappy sandals.


A romantic green dress that I would wear with a fish braid and tan flats.


Fashionable black and white.


And of course, leo print. Just because.

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