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Paris London


Let’s begin our Paris themed week with one of our favourite things in the world: food! ;) We discovered this place by pure chance. Last week, after having a great time at Le Tuileries (clic) we were starving and freezing. We didn’t know where to eat and it was a little bit late, so we headed to Place de la Madeleine to visit its amazing gourmet shops and buy some nice little treats. But in our way we found this fantastic place. We were mesmerized. We liked it so much that we came back the next day for brunch!


Paris London is a lovely cafe with a perfect warm French atmosphere. Wall tiles, boxes full of baguettes, perfectly dressed and charming waiters, beautiful mix and match wooden chairs and great food. It’s just perfect. Oh, and they have free wi-fi so it’s great to update your Facebook status and brag about the great time you are having in Paris, do a little bit of food instagramming or check your work emails. We did all three things ;)


In our first visit we were so hungry that we couldn’t help but order a couple of burguers. Yes, I know, that’s not very Parisienne but I told you we were starving after pretending to be street style bloggers. God, that was exhausting!

We chose the cheese burguer and the madame cheese burguer. They were the perfect size, not really big so we left satisfied but not full, which was surprising after eating hamburgers! The buns were slightly toasted, the meat was done to perfection, the french fries on the side were thin and crunchy and they came with a soft delicious tartar sauce.


On Sunday we came back for brunch. We had poached eggs à la bénédictine and a super thin natural mushroom pizza. Believe me when I say those were the best eggs à la bénédictine that I’ve ever eaten. I highly doubt that I will ever find a better recipe. The pizza was really light and tasty, but compared with the explosion of flavour that was at the other side of the table, the pizza was a little bland.



I’m determined to come back to try the charcuterie and foie gras platter. And we’ll see if there is any room for dessert… The tartin cake was promising! I bet the low calories dishes they have on the menu are delicious too ;)


  1. Oh Goodness, this place looks divine. I’m sure Rosie @thelondoner would be all over those burgers!! Isn’t it lovely when you just discover one of those little places by chance, it makes the food taste even better because you just weren’t expecting it :)
    Happy exploring x x

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