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AB line by Antonio Bayona

Anillos expuestos

Today I want to talk you about something unique. In a world where everyone buys, eats, wears and does the same things, we have found someone who believes in real affordable exclusivity. Two weeks ago we met Alba, the life an soul of AB, in an improvised East London showroom and we immediately fell in love with this new jewelry line, AB by Antonio Bayona.
Antonio Bayona has worked as an artisan jewlery maker since 1970. Now he has teamed with a group of young designers to create this little but oh so nice line with 10 different rings. If you order your own AB ring, it would be made just for you. Literally. This is not a huge shop where thousands of rings are waiting to be bought… this ring would be made thinking about you. From scratch. And in about a week you will receive this little avant-garde black box.

anillo en caja

But you know what I love the most about this rings? It’s not the amazing design, the über cool package or the fact that they are hand crafted. The detail that just got me was the size adjustor. Invisible from the outside, two little pieces will help you to get the perfect fit. So if you have tiny fingers like me, this rings are just for you!!

They have 4 collections: AB negatives, Facette (my personal favourite), Lovers and Sylvan. Since we didn’t capture the rings as they deserve (our improvised showroom didn’t have enough light but it sure had a very nice breakfast menu ;) here you have some proper photos from AB line’s web.



And last but not least, if you really want something a little more special, Antonio Bayona offers you the possibility to create a totally exclusive piece of high jewelry… the sky is the limit, go get crazy! Look at this ring and necklace. Even the inside and back sides are cute, those little moons and stars! Sigh!


If you feel different, if you know you are different, AB is for you. Buy them here!

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