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The most romantic place in the world


Tomorrow is St. Valentine’s day. I know that lots of people find this day cheesy and silly, but hey, every reason to celebrate love and eat chocolate is fantastic to me so… Go St. Valentine! :)

I thought I’d share with you the most romantic place in the world for me. It’s Ravello, a little village in the Amalfi Coast. Up in the mountains, it’s full of luscious secret gardens and it has the most breathtaking views. It’s also a very meaningful place for us… here we spent our honeymoon! Ravello is quieter that the rest of the Amalfi coast, it has a peaceful atmosphere and a very different energy. Here you feel that the world can wait. Time seems to have stopped in its little alleys.

Cumpá Cosimo (Via Roma, 44, 84010 Ravello) is a tiny trattoria were you can eat delicious traditional dishes. With its simple checkered tableclothes and its amazing gnocchi is the best place to have a little romantic dinner. We had our first honeymoon dinner there and it sure was something to remember.

Which is the most romantic place in the world for you? I’d love to know!


  1. For me it’s Ravello as well, but you’ll understand my bias just by looking at my email address. Ravello is easy to remember and hard to forget.

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