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Isabel Coixet - Ayer no se termina nunca

This weekend Berlin will be the place to be. The super cool cosmopolitan Berlinale Film Festival opens its doors this Thursday. There are other film festivals, but if you like cinema, this is THE festival. Films of every genre, length and format find their place in the various sections of the festival. While other festivals pay more attention to red carpets and advertising, the Berlinale lays the focus on films, new perspectives and the global film community.

Unfortunately, this year we won’t be able to attend the Festival. We are really upset because one of our favourite directors, Isabel Coixet, will present her new film: Ayer no termina nunca. This film features also one of the best Spanish actresses: Candela Peña. So we need to watch it as soon as possible! Coixet’s scripts, photography and sensitivity are unique and her films have a honest yet  dreamlike atmosphere that fascinates us. Besides, she always wears super cute glasses and I love her for that.

So, if you have nothing planned for this weekend you should pack some things and go to Berlin. Berlin is full of life and creativity, it’s the perfect destination for those of you who love culture. There are thousands of nice places to stay, but I’ve heard that the Arte Luise Kunsthotel is a very interesting option: every room is designed by a young artist, so no two rooms of the hotel look alike!

And before a day full of art, nothing feels better that a great brunch. We highly recommend Barcomi’s Deli for lovely bagels, lovely cookies and lovely atmosphere.

I hope you enjoy our recommendations about Berlin! Please don’t hesitate to share more restaurants, hotels or hidden tips about Berlin in the comment section! And if you visit the Berlinale, please tell us about your favourite films! We’d love to hear!

More information about the Berlinale here.


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