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My favourite recipes


I love cookbooks but I have to admit that nowadays I just look for new recipes online. I keep buying cookbooks though, I can’t help it! Anyway… I follow lots of food blogs, where I find yummy, easy, healthy (and sometimes not so healthy) recipes and inspiration. I thought you could be interested… Maybe you know some of them, maybe you don’t, but here you have the last recipes I found that have conquered my stomach:

For starters, baked camembert

Warming up… Beef leek and barley soup

A great main dish for Winter: Spinach casserole with roasted salmon

And a great dessert: Mascarpone cheesecake

Plus another great dessert, because it’s my favourite part of every meal: Cinnamon ice cream!

Which are your favourite food blogs? I’d love to know!

PS: Some of our very own recipes: Mediterranean Cocas, fancy salad, skinny lasagna and puff pastry braid.

Image via Alessandro Guerani


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