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Madrid: Two plans and a hot beverage


One of our favourite indoors activities in Winter is drinking a hot beverage while having a nice conversation, that is, planning a new trip or daydreaming about it. If we do it on a Sunday afternoon in a nice cafe and the moment includes a sweet treat, the joy is inmense.
Last holidays we experience this happy moment twice, in two nice little places in Madrid, and we though you may want to hear about them…

One is called Mamá Framboise and it’s a French inspired boulangerie in the center of Madrid. It’s placed in one of my favourite shopping areas, so it’s perfect for a sweet break while shopping. The decor is natural with a French chic touch, and the atmosphere is a little bit posh, but warm and nice. Among the customers you can find young mommies with gorgeous hair and fluffy beautiful wellbehaved babies, groups of girlfriends giggling and instagraming, and some couples enjoying their tea or coffee with a newspaper in the morning.

It’s one of the best patisseries in Madrid, if not the best! So everything you order is going to be good, really good. I had the hot cinnamon spice black tea with two macarons, raspberry and chocolate. Delicious! Really, that chocolate macaron was the best macaron that I’ve ever eaten! And I never drink tea. Never. So imagine how good that tea was.


The other place is called Vertical Caffé and it has one of the best locations of the city if you love art: in front of Caixa Forum and within a walking distance from Museo Reina Sofía, Museo Thyssen and Museo del Prado, so it’s perfect to meet friends before or after visiting one of the aforementioned museums or one of the small art galleries of the area. It’s a minimalistic hipster kind of place, expect lots of tight fitting jeans and thick rimmed glasses. And books. The staff is really nice: a waiter with a lovely Italian accent convinced me to try the lime cake with my latte machiato and I can assure you that it was one of the best decisions I made during my holidays. Well, my jeans don’t seem to agree, but still.


So, whatever your plan is, art or shops, here you have a nice place to enjoy a Winter afternoon in Madrid.

Mamá Framboise
Fernando VI 23
28004 Madrid

Vertical Caffe
Almadén 26
28014 Madrid


  1. Have you ever tried mint tea? I came across it while living in Amsterdam and make it all the time now; you just steep some mint leaves in hot water & add honey, it’s the PERFECT warm drink for a winter’s day (or night, or whenever)!

  2. I would say that Mama Framboise is really one of the best boulangerie-pâtisserie in town. I love the apple tiny tart which has a strong apple & cinnamon flavor. The best advice indeed.

    • Thanks!!! Yo me quedé muy sorprendida por el macaron de chocolate negro, de verdad, espectacular!!
      Y no te pierdas el bizcocho de lima del Vertical. Estaba ahí como triste, apartado en una esquinita y nadie le hacía caso, pero el camarero me convenció y ha sido el mejor bizcocho que he comido en mi vida!!!

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