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Our favourite home scent


We have particularly picky noses so finding a fragance for our home that we both love has been more than difficult. After five years living together we have found it, the search is over. And our home smells like heaven. Actually according to the official drescription of the scent, it smells like a handful of grass in the middle of the forest, but it’s like heaven to us :)

The name of this fantastic aroma is Saint Joseph, from Hommâge d’ipuro. They have another four home scents, but this one is just what we were looking for: a little bit of coriander, lemon, bergamot and cinnamon, a heart note of sandalwood and lavender and a base of musk and violet. You can order it online and the package is beautiful. Oh, and they also have scented candles that would make a lovely house warming present!


  1. Even though I can’t smell it over the internet I love the look of the container it’s in! I wish it was sold here in the states!

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