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Givenchy Antigona bag


If you are one of those women with a Celine Phantom bag, a couple of Loewe’s Amazona and a black Philip Lim Pashli satchel hanging in the closet, I envy you. You have all my dream bags. Now you only have to buy this gorgeous version of Givenchy Antigona bag and you’ll have it all!!

Why almost every blogger on Earth has one of this beauties? I must have done something wrong with my life. I have a good job, but I have to pay rent and stuff. Save money for my retirement (in Venice, I hope). Eat at least twice a day and well, repair the washing machine… that kind of things.

Girls with super great bags, can you tell me your secret? Almost no one reads this blog, so your secret will be safe with me ;)

Image via Givenchy


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