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SHA Wellness Clinic


Sometimes I dream about being a very healthy balanced yoga kind of person. But I’m not. I’m a quite nervous, chocaholic, Ihategoingtothegym person. But in my fantasies, when I’m that yogui I book my holidays in advance and go to a place like the SHA wellness clinic.

Seriously, this place is a dream. You can go there on holidays and a doctor tells you what to eat to loose some weight or just detox, they have the best proffesionals to help you quit smoking, sleep better or make you look, and apparently feel, younger (and I’m not only talking about your skin). And besides they have this pool. It’s a win-win.


Who knows? Maybe I surprise myself one they and become that kind of person… Look at that posture!

sha yoga

SHA Wellness Clinic
Verderol 5 El ALbir
Alicante – Spain
[email protected]

Images via SHA Wellness clinic

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