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Presse, Bremen

Living in a small town has its pros and cons. One of the cons is that there are just a few nice places: a few nice restaurants, just four or five interesting shops, a couple of fun clubs… But the huge pro is the rush you experience when you discover a new place!!

Last Saturday we discovered this fantastic restaurant and cafe in the heart of Bremen. This is what happens in this town: the little side streets hide wonderful surprises. Sometimes… most of the time is boring, though. Anyway, Presse is a wonderful place. Not only because of its modern, sophisticated yet relaxed  atmosphere, but also for its exquisite menu.


As you can see, the menu was tiny, but it turned out to be delicious! We were sitting next to the open kitchen (you can see it in the first picture) and we were amazed by the things the chef was preparing… We needed like 15 minutes to decide!!! In the meantime, the super nice waitress brought this to the table…


Olive tapenade with two different kinds of amazingly good bread. Now, allow me to give you a little piece of advice: if you try to avoid carbs, you should not move to Germany. I repeat: do not move to Germany. Lots of bread. So good.

Finally we made up our minds: the spaguetti with prawns and fresh tomato sauce and the skrei (a very special type of cod) with lentil risotto and purple mustard.



If I have to tell you the truth, I thought the lentil risotto was going to be left there alone and sad in my plate. But it was so soft, creamy and delicious I ate all of it. Really, it was unexpectedly good.

We left the restaurant full, happy and thinking about our next visit. We saw the hamburgers and well… they have our names on them!  If you happen to visit Bremen or you live here (is there anyone out there?) you should visit this place. The decor is simple, modern but warm and cosy. In fact, I thought it could be a restaurant in London, Madrid or Berlin. Quite cool for Bremen ;) The staff is really nice and the food is outstanding. And just one more thing: in spite of the open kitchen, you won’t be leaving like you’ve been working in it. If you have a picky nose or you think about wearing a new something, you won’t have to worry!

Presse Bremen
Langenstrasse 31
+49 421 3362822


  1. The interior looks EXACTLY like a pizzeria I went to in Bremen December 2011 :) There were little herb pots on the tables, which were tall tables with bar stools. It was such a great meal with a lovely atmosphere and friendly waitresses.
    Maybe you know it?

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