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Last week I told you that this year I would love to travel more… Well, I’ve thought that it would be nice to write a list of places I’d love to visit during 2013. I hope that by the end of the year I will be able to cross some of them out!

Italy is my top destination. Always. This web is fantastic to find nice little charming hotels, wonderful inspirational ideas, fantastic experiences and breathtaking itineraries. We found our honeymoon hotel in this web. I totally recommend it. This year I would love to go back to Venice, discover Tuscany and relax in Sardinia.

Paris. It’s always a good option, right? This little hotel is located in my favourite area, Ile Saint Louis, and is surrounded by amazing gourmet shops. It would be perfect. I would love to buy a pair of Repetto T-strap shoes, have a cocktail in hotel Costes, eat some macaroons and take long long walks.

New York is one of my dream destinations. Never been there, though. Sad face. Everytime I say that I’ve never been there people look at me like I’m some kind of alien. Well, I’ve planned to go lots of times, but somehow I never managed to carry on with my plans. If we make it this year I will follow Joanna Goddard’s New York guide. She is one of my favourite bloggers and she is awesome, so I’m sure her suggestions are awesome too.

Stockholm. Woods in the middle of the city, über cool design and cinnamon rolls everywhere… I have to go. I’ve heard that the Scandic Grand Central is a great hotel, so it could be a good choice. Do you know any nice hotels in Stockholm? I would be thankful if you have any recommendations!

So these are my travel destinations for 2013. It’s very likely that we end up travelling to very different places, though. Last year Bruges wasn’t on my list and it was my favourite trip of the year! What about you? Do you have any nice trips planned?

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  1. Fab!!!^^
    i want to travel more than past year. I want to visit California ;)
    Is a dream to me :D


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