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Abades Triana


Today’s posts is dedicated to one of my favourite restaurants in the world, Abades Triana. Every year we celebrate a very fun Christmas dinner with our dearest friends in this restaurant, so it’s a very special place for me. The atmosphere is elegant yet festive, the food is excelent, the views are breathtaking and the staff is simply the nicest. Every year the food is better than the last one, so I thought I have to share it with you. The pictures are a bit awful but you will get the idea :)

We always order the special menu Ver o sentir, a great option for couples. You can choose two starters and a main course each. Afterwards they bring to the table a selection of desserts that will make your stomach jump of joy. To drink? Just Moët & Chandon!!
To start they gave us a little aperitif and the best olive oil, that paired with the bread buffet was irresistible. During the whole dinner, the waiter kept on bringing soft warm freshly made different kinds of bread. I hated him, but I loved it.
For starters, we chose the winter salad with mushrooms and duck, seasoned with honey, mustard and lime (picture above) and the chef suggestion, a cod and orange salad. Unexpectedly delicious! We couldn’t help but order the foie gras terrine with passion fruit jelly, corn and apple with spicy bread and the salmon and monkfish carpaccio with basil and lime foam.

The cod and orange salad…

The salmon and monkfish carpaccio…

The foie gras terrine…

We usually order fish as main dish, but this year the meat dishes sounded so delicious that we all ended up ordering meat. I had the Iberian pork tender loin with goat cheese and spinach mousse and my lovely wife had Ox sirloin with foie and seasonal mushrooms. You could think it was too strong or heavy but it was soft and light and tasty and heaven.

By then it was almost midnight but the best was yet to come. I hate that some restaurants just forget desserts, they offer something with chocolate, maybe a crème brûlée and that’s it. Not here. We had almost all the desserts on the menu. I ate them without making any photos. Sorry about that. Our favourites were the apple cream with Santa Fe sweet sponge cakes and the truffle and passion fruit tartlet with caramelized citrus.

I can’t end this posts without mentioning the best feature of the restaurant. The views….


If you visit Abades Triana plase ask for El cubo, that is the most special private area of the restaurant. That picture was my view. Seville at its best!
So, when in Seville make sure you pay a visit to this gorgeous restaurant. You won’t regret it. And if you are lucky and happen to be there when weather is warm and nice (it’s easy, that is almost the whole year), you will be able to enjoy the beautiful terrace overlooking the river.

Some waiters were leaving when we were picking up our coats from the wardrobe. We stayed that late. They were really nice and after pouring champagne on our glasses all night they called a taxi that was waiting for us when we finished.

Abades is always a joyful experience so… see you next year!!!


Abades Triana
C/ Betis 69 A, 41010 Sevilla, Spain
Book a table! Tlfn: +34 954 28 64 59

PS: More Seville tips: Best breakfast in Seville and a wonderful Spa next to the cathedral!



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