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2013, please be kind!


2013 is already here and it’s time to talk about New Year’s resolutions. This image sums up mine. Sure I want lots of things to happen, but this year I’ve decided to keep it simple. I really hope this year will bring new exciting adventures and health to enjoy them. Just that.
This year we will also try to improve this little blog… stay tuned for some changes!!!
What about you? Do you make lots of New Year’s resolutions?

Image via Patterson Maker.


  1. Happy 2013 for you! It’s allways good to make resolutions, how simple they may be. To travel is allways a good idea ;-)! I got my first travel booked for this year, i’m gonna spent the weekend after Valentinesday in Florence! How romantic can it be!
    My resolutions are about my job (i’m a social worker) en try to eat as healthy as possible :)!

    Love from the Netherlands!
    xo Rosie

  2. I hardly ever make resolutions – I just make a simple list of things that I want to be able to keep up on. Those seem to work out better for me. Having a small to do list is something I enjoy a whole lot more than a huge list.

    • Hi Margeaux! I totally agree, although in mi mind there are millions of things that I want to do this year!!! But i will admit to myself only this two ;)
      Thanks for your comment!!

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