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2012, we made it!


2012 was a loooong year. Lots of things happened, good and not as good. But we made it! Since our favourite thing in the world is travelling, we have chosen some pics of our travels to sum up this year. We hope you like it!

We began 2012 with a trip to Berlin. It was one of the first posts of this blog!


In Spring we visited Bruges. It was one of our dream destinations and we really enjoyed it. We stayed at the beautiful Ter Duinen Hotel, we took romantic night walks and we went shopping. Unexpected amazing place to shop, Bruges.



We couldn’t help but escape to Gent…



In Spring we also had time to explore small nice German cities like Oldenburg.



And there is no Spring without a visit to one of the greatest place on Earth, Seville. We discovered a fantastic spa, had breakfast in traditional cafes and enjoyed the little corners that make Seville the wonderful place it is. Click here for addresses and more info.




Summer came along and we headed to the South of Spain. We rented a little house by the sea, ate lots of paella, sunbathed, drank Mojitos and had a wonderful time with our friends.



In september we made a short getaway to Italy. Vicenza is really a hidden jewel!

agosto 1

We spent some fun, cosmopolitan, full of nice meals and park walks Autumn days in London. We told you here if you’d like to see our favourite restaurant, shops and things to do in this big city.



Now we’re back in Madrid for a few days, so wait for a couple of posts next year about this happy city!

2012, you have been nice! Here’s to you and to more travels in 2013!!!!

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