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Our very first home made brunch

Yesterday we hosted our first brunch in our new home! I got up very early to pick up freshly baked baguettes and croisssants. The sun was shining, the air was crispy and the city was beautiful all dressed up in Autumn colours. It was one of those moments were you are surprisingly happy, just because.

I decided to use white and blue as principal colours when setting the table and added a touch of natural textures. I wanted to welcome our guest with a cozy atmosphere.

The menu: scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, leek and Gruyere grilled toasts, Ibérico with natural tomato conserve and, of course, those little things that bright up every brekfast: home made minimuffins, croissants with different marmalades ( this time we chose blueberry, lemon and orange), natural yoghurt with fruits and the star of every meal at our home: a smelly but oh so good cheese plate!!

We drank the all time classic Mimosas but also had Piña Coladas for dessert. That’s why we don’t have pictures of the main dishes… We are bad, bad, bad bloggers!

Oh, and even though we are bad, bad, bad bloggers you can follow us on bloglovin! We would really appreciate it!


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