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You make my day

Last Thursday was terrible. Lots of problems at work, bad news everywhere… I was feeling sad, nervous and furious. So I decided that I had to do something to change my mood and went to that place where everything is beautiful, quiet, smells nice and where everyone is kind with you: the beauty department of a big department store. And they made my day, just as I knew they would.

I needed a new blush (I always wear blush, can’t live without it) so I headed to the Benefit corner. A very nice lady tried some of their products on me and immediately I started to feel more relaxed and calmed down. In just five minutes I was leaving the store happy, revitalized and my faith in human nature was restored.

I doubted a little bit, but finally I chose Hervana, a light beautiful blush. It has four different shades that combined make my cheeks rosy and enhance the effect of the lovely crispy cold Autumn air on my face. I love it!

I would like to thank my beautiful wife, who sponsored this nice moment and blush!!

If you like it, you can buy it here.


  1. I hope you are feeling better know? I tend to buy new books when I’m sad and things aren’t going well, or drink a hot chocolate. But as my bookshelf is quite full now, I have to stick to the hot chocolate, or maybe I should try out the beauty department too ;-)
    I have the same blush and I love it!

    xxx Anita

    • The Slow Pace says

      You should try it! It’s great! I used to abuse chocolate in these situations, but it wasn’t great for my figure!!! ;-)

      Thanks for your comment!!

  2. Wow, I know the feeling and how cool is it that you went and got a blush called Good Karma! Glad that you got out of the weird funk, when it happens to me I also like to go treat myself with makeup or shoes. The blush is so pretty!

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