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London day 4

Our last day in London was rainy and cold. I guess the city was all sad because we were leaving… We made a quick visit to St. Paul’s cathedral and the City. I didn’t know it but the City has a fascinating history and gorgeous churches. If you are visiting London, I highly recommend reading this book first. You will discover amazing new and hidden places.

After strolling around the City we crossed the Millennium Bridge. The views, that sky… My God, I love this city.

And we spent the rest of our time left in London at the Tate Modern. It’s funny because I thought contemporary art was not my thing… But when we were admiring some amazing pieces at the Tate my wife and I had this weird conversation:

ME: Oh, some things are really beautiful but others… my gosh! They are so pretentious… Is this art? Why? I really don’t like this fake art. Is it fake? Oh, I don’t know… maybe I don’t get it…

SHE: Really? Um… that’s funny because everytime we travel you insist on visiting some kind of contemporary art museum…

ME: Me???? No!! That’s not… (Pause) Yeah, I do that, don’t I?

And that’s how I discover that I do like contemporary art.

Anyway… One of my favourite things at the Tate Modern is the mural on the top floor where you can easily see how contemporary art has evolved: trends, names… It’s fantastic! I thought that maybe I could find a small reproduction downstairs, at the museum shop, but they didn’t have it. Why not? It’s great!! People from the Tate Modern: please reproduce that amazing mural in a poster or something. I want it!! It could be so useful! For art students, for normal people who want to show off at parties and pretend they are art experts… Everyone should have a poster like that!

Seriously, there were some pieces that really struck me. Like this one by Mahmoud Bakhshi Moakhar, which reflects the hidden reality of a country. There were eight flags, one for each year of the war in Iran.

Five hours of art and amazing discoveries about myself later we were starving. We were so closed to the Borough market that we couldn’t help ourselves and went for a couple of handmade sandwiches and enjoyed a little bit the relaxed atmosphere of the area.

London: we love you and we will come back. Soon.


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