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London day 3

Our third day in London was my favourite. We spent the morning in Notting Hill and Holland Park, ate in an amazing English pub, went to the cinema and ordered room service for dinner. Fun, fun, fun!

We decided to get lost in Notting Hill, just wandered through the streets enjoying the wonderful weather and deciding which house we would buy. We finally agreed to desagree, so no house in Notting Hill for now. ;-)

After a lovely walk in Holland Park and harmless window shopping in Kensigton we headed to Chelsea. We wanted to visit the Admiral Codrington. It’s a wonderful english pub that the fabulous Rose recommended in her blog. I’m sure you know her, if not, you should visit her site: full of yummy recipes and amazing places to visit in London.

The place was fantastic: quiet and lovely atmosphere, nice touch of music (you know, the “we can talk because the music is not too loud but oh, I love that song!” type) and amaaaaaaazing food.

Delicious hamburguer…

And excellent fish and chips…

After such a huge meal we walked all the guilt away around Chelsea.

We decided to spend the rest of the afternoon in the cinema. I love pretending that I live in the cities I visit, so going to the cinema on a Sunday afternoon was the right thing to do!

Back to the hotel we ordered room service. I love room service, don’t you? Perfect sandwich, I mean, way to finish our day!

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