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London Day 1

So we went to London the week before fashion week. Yep. That’s us. Great timing. Always. Anyhoo… we had a great time so we thought some of you (if there is anyone out there, hello?) would find interesting our little routes around London.

Day 1!!! We started our day with a nice walk from our hotel The Grosvenor to one of the most famous places in London: Buckingham Palace! The weather was amazing. It was strange because it didn’t feel like the last days of Summer… it was more a Spring-is-coming-yay! feeling. Weird but oh so nice!

We continued walking and crossed Green Park. Lots of Londoners (and turists, of course) were eating their lunches under the sun. Happy people!

Our outfit for the day? Supergas for her and Converse for me, jeans, tees and sunnies. Easy peasy.

Then we made a little stop in Fortnum & Mason. I love their picnic baskets and their china.

Our stomachs were really empty so we headed to China town to eat a nice japanese curry. You can read more about it here.

We were really close to Leicester Square and we just couldn’t help ourselves… We visited the huge M&M’s shop. Yeah, I know. Lame. But look at this!

We headed back to our hotel to rest a little bit and eat our M&M’s in bed. Our room was amazing. We will make a post about the hotel soon!

And back to the streets! We went for a little walk around one of the most amazing streets in London…

It was Friday, the air was fresh, the sun was still up and the pubs were full! So we decided to join the crowds and have a nice drink al fresco.

We finished our day with an amazing night view of the Thames.

London, we love you!

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