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Tokyo Diner, London

Hi! Do you remember that we went to London last week? Well, this week we are going to tell you about our little getaway. The best way to start these series? With a good restaurant!

You will find Tokyo Diner just down this little side street in China Town. Lovely, isn’t it?
This is a nice, quiet, simple place to eat authentic home made japanese food. It’s a must for us everytime we visit London.
As soon as you take a seat, they will treat you with a warm cup of tea and a little snack.

Edit: here I’m wearing Mavala’s London. Just because ;-)

We usually order the chicken katsu curry and the chicken katsu udon. The portions are huge but you can make them even bigger: you just have to ask!


This is one of our favourite places in London. The atmosphere is cosy, comfortable and easy going. The decor is really simple and it really feels like Japan. The food is delicious, the price is really convenient and the location is great, just behind Leicester Square. You can book if you like, but usually there is no problem to find a little table to enjoy your meal.

Address and web here:
Tokyo diner
2 Newport Place City of Westminster, WC2H 7JJ
Tel: 020 7287 8777


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  2. thanks so much for sharing your review of this place; it sounds great! i’m actually going down to Chinatown in London this weekend — had planned to go for dim sum with some friends but now i’m thinking whether i might try Tokyo Diner instead (or go for dinner perhaps)? :) thanks again.

      • Yes, I am very seriously considering going there for dinner, and will definitely let you know if I do :).

      • I didn’t go to Tokyo Diner in the end last Saturday BUT my friends and I stumbled upon a truly fantastic Japanese restaurant, Nizuni, on Charlotte Street. Highly recommend it! (I had the katsudon there; the pork cutlet was perfect and the dish was beautifully presented.) I’ll have to go to Tokyo Diner next time!

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