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Venice. It can’t get better than this.

Visiting Venice is always magic, but if the Mostra is on… wow, glamour dapertutto! First thing to do: capuccino, cornetto and Vogue Italia, of course!

I hate arriving at the back door, that is, the raylway station. But if I do I always try to avoid the most direct way to San Marco and discover new short cuts to get there.

Bacino Orseolo is always nice. All those gondole waiting, almost asleep, they remind me of my favourite Venice: the one without hordes of tourists waiting to eat at Hard Rock Cafe. I never understood that… Go eat Sepie al nero, you are in Venice!!!!

One of my favourite things to do: a nice espresso at Riva degli Schiavoni…

The views are always stunning…

This time the rain wanted to see the amazing restoration of San Marco and the wonderful pastel tones of the marble that have been hidden for years.

Venice, you are always fantastic. Rain or shine.

PS: I’m wearing Essie’s Jam ‘n Jelly to light up that coffe.

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