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Our week by the sea

Today it rains and I’m wearing a sweater… Fall is here way too soon. Fine by me! I love Fall, but it seems incredible that just two weeks ago we had the most amazing time with our friends in the south of Spain. We rented a house in a very charming little village and we spent the most relaxing and funny weekend. I thought we could share with you.

This was our home. Lovely, isn’t it? We wanted to spend some days completely disconected. That’s why we chose this little village and this little house. No internet, no phones… Just the sun, the sea and our friends.

Everyday we would get up early and make a gorgeus breakfast: fresh fruits, toasts, coffee, some cold meets and croissants. We would set the table in our wonderful terrace and eat and talk about everything. That was my favourite part of the day.

Everyday we would go to the beach and spend the whole day there. We thought that we would find lonely beaches and coves… but to our surprise the first day we went to the beach we found lots of beach clubs, lounges, restaurants… We were a little bit disappointed at first… but then we though, oh well… And we joined the party!

So we changed our plans. We didn’t read in our sunbeds, we danced in the beach clubs. And we din’t prepare beach picnics, we enjoyed wonderful paellas in a gorgeous restaurant that we discovered the first day and we decided to make it our own private dining room.

One afternoon we decided to leave the beach a litle earlier and have a walk in the village.
We got hungry and finished our day with a fancy Moroccan dinner.

The last morning, while we were packing, we started planning our next trip together. We all were a bit sad, but those plans made us feel better. We are still thinking about our next destination!


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