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Our first stop this Summer was Málaga. A friend of ours has an amazing apartment there and we spent five days with her. We had a great time. We sunbathed, read lots and lots of magazines (Elle, Vogue, Grazia… you name it!) and relaxed. I was very proud of myself because I even got up early a couple of days and went running!! This first picture was taken one of those mornings. It was fantastic: silence, gentle and fresh sea breeze and a clear conscience (after running it doesn’t matter how many ice creams you have eaten the previous day, right?)

But I’m not going to lie… this was my view most of the time! Most days we would get up, have a healthy breakfast and go to the beach. There we would read magazines, sunbathed and swim. After a quick lunch in a lovely and traditional restaurant by the beach, we would go back to our sunbeds, take a nap and well… do nothing.

Nights were fantastic: nice restaurants, cocktails and laughs. I highly recommed Manzanilla bar, a great restaurant owned by the chef Dani García. After a wonderful dinner you can gave a fancy cocktail at the terrace of Larios Hotel and enjoy a breathtaking view of the cathedral.

Oh, holidays! I miss you!

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