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In my suitcase: A great tee

Here we are again, preparing my suitcase for Summer! I know, I know… most of you are already in Summer, but I’m still in last years’ Autumn. This is the North of Germany!

When it comes to t-shirts, I’m all for plain, basic, boyish/sometime rockerish style. I don’t like too much colour or printed fabrics… I like my tees simple and comfy.

And when I say boyish I mean bought in the men section! I don’t know why but most of my favourite tshirst (and shirts) come from the men’s corner. They are cool, comfy and I admit I like feeling tiny when I buy the smaller size in the shop :-)

Those basic t-shirts are a must in my Summer wardrobe. And so are the striped version… Don’t you just love the long sleeve red and white tee?

I love baseball t-shirts… They are perfect for that moment around 8 p.m. when it’s a bit cold but you still don’t want to leave the beach. Most of the people is gone and you still want to see the sunset, so you just put that long sleeve tee on and enjoy.

Don’t you think these t-shirts are super cool? I would wear them with my denim shorts and Converse… Oh, I’m longing for Summer! (I mean actual Summer, not this thing that happens in the North of Germany)

You can have a look at my suitcase here.

Image via Asos


  1. Im all about plain tshirts at the moment! Love to pair them with a short, statement necklace!

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