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I’m going to share with you one of our secret places. Yep. Our secret places are those amazing little places that we discover by chance sometimes, we get so excited, we just can’t belive our luck, then we come back home and want to tell everything about them to our friends… but then we just don’t because we want to keep those wonderful discoveries to ourselves. Does this ever happen to you? Or are we selfish and weird?

This secret place is called Caimari and it’s a tiny village in the heart of Majorca. I’m not going to show you a load of pictures because if you decide to go, then it won’t surprised you!

Caimari is surrounded by almond tree fields. Depending on where you are you can have a glimpse of the beautiful Mediterranean sea. The crispy air of the Serra de Tramuntana refreshes the atmosphere during the warm Summer nights… It’s a wonderful beautiful village where you can get lost and forget the world.

The best place to see a golden quiet sunset is the roof terrace of Ca Na Toneta. Ca Na Toneta is the reason why we discovered Caimari. It’s a little restaurant specialized in traditional Majorcan food. It’s owned by two sisters who decided to leave their jobs in the city and opened this wonderful slow food restaurant. They offer a tasting menu that recovers traditional recipes with the best quality products, all from local farmers. All I can say is that they prepare the best food that I’ve ever eaten!


  1. I just found your blog and I’m really enjoying all of your pictures :) They are beautiful (and the ice cream ones looks so so yummy). Thanks for a great blog!

    Best, Carin

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