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In my suitcase: shorts

So, we already have the perfect white dress and the perfect sandals… Let’s add another key item in our Summer suitcase: the perfect shorts.
Lately I’ve noticed that lots of bloggers wear Romwe clothes. I’ve never visited this web, so I thought it would be nice to look for my shorts there and see what they’ve got.

I’ve chosen a few options… Let’s begin with a splash of colour! This is probably one of the most popular trends this Summer but to be honest… not for me! If I have to choose I will be safe and keep those red simple ones. My legs are just not made for fluor.

Let’s move on to prints! You can’t avoid flowers! I would style them with a plain tee or blouse, just to focus the atention on the shorts. Those black ones would be very nice with a simple white tee, a pair of nice black sandals and a nice clutch… That would be my choice for a casual dinner with friends.

But there are more prints! Look at that lemons! Don’t they remind you of something? Ehem… My favourites are those orange pattern shorts… But any of them would look wonderful with a chambray or denim shirt, don’ you think? A nice pair of Supergas, a tote bag and ready to go shopping!

We can’t forget the classic nautical look! Those white lace shorts would look great with a striped tee!! All of these shorts would make a great couple with a pair of red Swedish Hasbeens, don’t you think?

And finally, the shorts that I’m going to take with me… the maybe-boring-but hey-they-go-with-everything denim shorts. You can dress them up and down, you can put whatever on top of them, add a nice pair of bracelets and a stament necklace and you’re good to go. That’s what I want this Summer, simplicity!

Images via Romwe


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