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Les Roulottes de Campagne

I hate camping. I do. I guess I’m too old for that. Or too picky. Or both. But I love being in contact with nature and camping gets you closer to nature that any other kind of vacation… No more worries!!! I have found the best solution!! Rent a wonderful Roulotte in France. This web offers you different Roulottes to rent in the most amazing places in France. The perfect boho-chic destination, don’t you think?

Of course it would be a great place to take your kids… But it would be equally cool for a getaway with friends!! They offer four different types of locations, all of them in France: Natural spirit, in the dephs of the countryside, Adventure spirit, next to zoos or theme parks (children alert!!), Hotel spirit and Village spirit, for those more demanding (that’s me!).

They have these supercute Roulottes overlooking the most beautiful French landscapes.. Including Loire castles!!! Can you imagine waking up to that??? And what about a Roulotte right next to a vineyard?? I don’t know you, but I totally see myself with my best friends there: sunbathing in the morning, going for lunch in the village and vine tasting in the afternoon.

I think that it could be quite romantic too. Look at those lovely chairs in the porch!!! Don’t you think it would be fantastic to be there, watching the stars at night after a lovely dinner with your significant other?

They are lovely on the outside, but they are better on the inside!!! Look at that!!! The one with the yellow/white deco is my fave!!!

And if you are a bit like me, at this point you will be wondering: yeah, but what about the bathroom? Actually if you are like me that would have been the first question in your mind as soon as you have seen the firs image. Wink, wink! They are great! Look!

I would choose a Roulotte next to a Loire castle, or maybe in the Bretagne, or Provence… And you? Which would be your perfect destination?

Image via Les Roulottes de campagne


  1. I love this idea! So cool. Even though I love camping too. But I think the French backdrop is a bit better. :)

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