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Gran Vía, Madrid

I love Madrid, I think it’s a fantastic city. I’ve spent the most amazing years there and I always love to come back. One of my favourite things to do in Madrid is walk all the way from Plaza de Cibeles to Plaza de España, that is, enjoying the heart of Madrid: Gran Vía. I would like to share with you my favourite shops, restaurants and clubs along this wonderful street.

Let’s start in Plaza de Cibeles. In a sunny day you can admire the wonderful Madrid blue sky, I just love it. This square is a good place to start another wonderful walk: through Paseo del Prado to Atocha railway station. But maybe we can talk about it some other day… Anyway, having seen the wonderful Palacio de Correos you can head to Plaza de Callao.

In this area you could find my favourite cocktail bar in Madrid, Chicote. It has a 40’s vibe, all leather and dark wood. You can have a quiet afternoon cocktail or dance all night long.

In a little street nearby, you can enjoy a delicious japanese meal at Janatomo. It’s my favourite japanese restaurant in Madrid!!! The food is yummy and the place is beautiful. I didn’t find the website, but here you have the address: Calle de la Reina 27. Tel.915 21 55 66. You need to book a table because it’s always crowded, but unexpectedly quiet, I love that.

So, let’s walk a little bit more, cross the street and we will find a little square: Red de San Luis. My grandfather was born in Madrid and he used to tell me that in the 20’s this place was the center of Madrid’s public transport. Always crowded! There even was an elevator to go up and down to the underground station! So posh! Now it’s not that nice, but from here you can walk to my favourite club in Madrid: Costello. It’s just cool and they have great concerts.
And what about shopping? Cross the street again and you will find the perfect street for shopping: Fuencarral. I always buy something at Maje, El ganso, a great Spanish brand with a lovely British touch, and the wonderful Hakei, this shop has the greatest bags and shoes, superb leather! And a nice selection of clothes. It’s a Spanish amazing brand that doesn’t sell online, I don’t know why, but it kills me!

So, after a little bit of shopping, let’s keep on walking! The buildings in Gran Vía are espectacular, so don’t miss them! Look up and enjoy the views! We arrive at Plaza de Callao. This is where Madrid’s “Broadway” starts. There are lots of cinemas and theaters, where lots of musicals are performed. I had the chance of attending Sara Baras’ show Carmen, and it was… I don’t have words… shocking. You should really see this woman dance if you have the chance. She’s simply the best.

And finally we get to Plaza de España. In the picture above you can see the first skyscraper of Spain! From here you can walk to my favourite place in Madrid: Plaza de Oriente. Here you could find Teatro Real, with a good but sometimes controversial Opera program, Palacio de Oriente (no, the king of Spain doesn’t live there) and Madrid’s cathedral, that isn’t very nice, I must say… and my favourite garden in Madrid: Jardines de Sabatini. This square is just wonderful.

My dream house is placed in this square, do you want to see it?

Gorgeous, right? I’ll keep on dreaming…

So I hope you’ve enjoyed the walk… There are other areas of Madrid that are amazing, do you want me to make more posts about them? Please let me know.

By the way, how many times have I used the word favourite int his post?????


  1. I love seeing people’s pictures of where they have been. It gives me a small sense of what it is like to be there!


  2. Ah! I have yet to go. It’s been on my list for so long. Going to bookmark this so when I finally make it happen, I can reference. :)

  3. I don’t know if you have you already visited the Circulo de Bellas Artes Roof (Azotea de Bellas Artes) but It should be the first stop of the CIBELES-PLAZA DE ESPAÑA walk. Everytime a foreigner comes to Madrid I recommend it so much. For just 3€ you are allow to take a lift up to the roof where you’ll be able to have a 360º view of Madrid’s downtown roofs and be able to see the horizon including the skyscrapers at the end of Castellana. ¡¡Just Amazing !! You’ll be able to take photos from a very unknown point of view for many visitors.

  4. By the way, ¡¡You aren’t alone !! There are so many madrileños, including me, that would like to live in that house. It’s said that the main balcony belongs to a famous spanish actress named Nuria Espert.

    • I guess I’ll have to put my name on the waiting list, then! :-)
      Thank you so much for stopping by! I really like your blog!

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