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In my suitcase: Flat sandals

I’m still working on my perfect Summer suitcase. Last week it was all about the perfect white dress, check it here, and today I’m looking for the perfect flat sandals.

Yesterday I was browsing the Topshop website and I was totally surprised by all the super nice flat sandals they have! I just couldn’t choose one pair! Look at those black sandals with a twist!

I never sunbathe because my skin burnts when I show her the slightlest ray of light, I’m like Edward Cullen, I know. But these sandals would look lovely with tanned feet…

I really don’t know if I love or hate that last minty-silver pair… Am I the only one who sometimes can’t distinguish between what I love (super trendy!) and what I hate (super tacky!)?

Anyway, Topshop is offering lots of possibilities… From the animal print to the simple golden t-bar sandals.

So after much thought, I found the perfect pair. They are simple but they can also dress up a simple denim + tee look, don’t you think?

The question is… which colour? Should I follow the sweet pastels trend? Should I stick to the classic golden – black combo? Or should I go for the simple tan leather? Well, they cost just 36€ so I guess that makes the decision easier! ;-)

Images via Topshop


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