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La oliva nera, Venezia

Today I’m sharing with you our favourite restaurant in Venice. La oliva nera is the perfect small and charming osteria. The food is beyond amazing: traditional Venetian food with a modern touch. We always pay a visit every time we go to Venice and it’s always excelent.

La oliva nera is placed in one of the best neighbourhoods of Venice, Castello. It’s one of the few areas where you won’t find those huge crowds of tourists that are destroying Venice. My recommendation: when visiting Venice, try to choose a hotel or appartment in Castello.

Of course, the first thing you will eat… olives!

Osteria Oliva Nera
Castello 3417/18 Venezia

Images via La oliva nera


  1. wonderful. we have only been to Venice once and while the details are a bit fuzzy but i do remember we stayed near the Rialto

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