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Istanbul… lovely memories…

Istanbul is warm, chaotic and mysterious, but it’s also unexpectedly cool. To be honest, I had lots of prejudices but I discovered a city that was the perfect mixture of tradition and modernity.

I loved the strangely silent atmosphere of the port, the enigmatic Bosphorus sunsets, the long nights dancing on rooftops, the quiet conversations in amazing restaurants overlooking the beautiful mosques, the smell of leather and spices in the Grand Bazaar, the sound of the Ezan

I want to go back.


    • Hi Lisa! Thanks for your comment! By the way, Istanbul is fantastic, I really think you will love it! There are amazing patios there ;-)

  1. wow gorgeous photo! i’ve never been to Istanbul but i’d love to. one of my uni friends was from there and kept talking about how he misses it. looks like a fantastic place :) x

  2. wow! i’ve been wanting to go there for a really long time now.
    when i actually do, maybe you can give me some travel-advice? ;-)

    • Of course! Just let me know! Here you have some tips: The Blue Mosque is amazing because it has that religious atmosphere that Sancta Sophia lacks, although it is impressive too.
      Visit the Grand Bazaar and buy a bag. They have amaaaazing lets say “design inspired” bags ;-) They are a bit expensive, but not designer expensive, and the leather is soft as butter.
      And have a drink in one of the rooftop bars of the city center! You should go at sunset or late night to see the stars!

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