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In my suitcase: The white dress

In less than two months I will be on vacation! I’m planning a whole month of friends, family, beaches and joy. And, well, I thought I better start planning what I’m going to wear… Just one suitcase is not that much for a whole month of adventures! So today I’m starting a new series: In my suitcase. I hope you like it!

The first thing that comes into my mind when I think Summer is a white dress. (And ice cream, of course). So the first thing that I want to put in my suitcase is a nice and flattering white dress. In the first collage you can see three pieces that caught my eye when visiting Mytheresa. All of them look great but also comfortable, don’t they?

I will be taking 4 planes, 4 high speed trains, I will be celebrating long nights with friends that I haven’t seen for a year… Maybe I should save a little bit, don’t you think? Let’s take a look at Asos. Surprise, surprise! Two of the dresses that I liked the most are from Ba&sh! This brand is awesome, I told you about it here.

These dresses are particularly sweet, right? And the last one, from Pepe jeans, is reduced! But you know what? I think we have a winner…

Original images via Mytheresa and Asos


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