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Golfe de Gascogne

Last Summer we made a little road trip which involved fantastic beaches, lovely weather, amazing food and gorgeous landscapes. We visited Saint Jean de Luz, Biarritz, Zarautz and Getaria.

We started in Saint Jean de Luz. It’s a great place but it’s so full of people that it can be a little overwhelming. I loved the pastel striped beach tents! There were fantastic shops (Isabel Marant and Repetto shoes lovers, I’m talking to you) and nice reataurants. One particularly warm afternoon I drunk the most delicious iced coffe ever. I didn’t take pictures and I don’t remeber exactly where the coffee shop was… shame on me!

And Biarritz… what can I say? It’s one of my favourite places in the world. So chic, so decadent, so elegant… I totally see ourselves living in Biarritz when we retire. It would be a dream!


Our next stop was Zarautz. Here you must eat (mainly grilled fish if possible). Just eat and sunbathe with a good book, that’s all you need to do… well, you’re on vacation, right?

And last but not least: Getaria. You can even walk from Zarautz, they are really close and there is a wonderful walk by the sea. We went by car, though. We’re lazy ;-)

Getaria is a tiny village with a wonderful port. We visited the Balenciaga Museum. I was a little disappointed… the clothes were amazing, obviously, and the building was huge, modern and pretty but the lightning was awful, it was almost impossible to see!! Let alone admire the little details of the collection! Anyway… afterwards we headed to the port to have a nice drink, so I forgot my disappointment!

It was a lovely road trip and I highly recommend it. The best thing about it is that you can do it during a weekend or splurge on a whole week, because distances are not that long. It depends on how long you want to stay in every wonderful village. There are thousands of secret places to be discovered!


  1. Perfect pictures! Everyone of those shots could be on a postcard!
    Would you recommend this area for a long weekend trip (4 days)! I would love to go ;)


    • Totally! I would recommend starting in Biarriz, for instance, they have a small airport you can fly to. You can also go to San Sebastian airport and make you way up the Golfe! Getaria and Zarautz can be visited the same day, and you can spend two days in France. Bear in mind that there are just 68 kilometers from biarritz to Zarautz!
      Let me know if you go!
      Thanks for visiting our blog!

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