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Best breakfast ever!

Today we had the best breakfast ever.

We decided to celebrate our anniversary with a huge and yummy breakfast at Piano. It’s a nice restaurant that serves the most delicious choice of breakfasts. We went for the big breakfast and we simply couldn’t finish it! We had eggs, cold meats, four different kinds of cheese, fresh fruit, orange juice, two different kinds of bread, croissants, butter, marmalade and vanilla yoghurt. Oh, and a capuccino that was the size of a little bathtub!

I love this place not only because of the yummy, home made food, but also for the atmosphere. It’s quiet but not boring, they always play good music and not very loud, so you can have a lovely conversation. The customers are nice young families, hipsters reading the newspaper or lovely couples. It’s just a place were you can feel comfortable and have a very nice time.

It was a great anniversary breakfast!


  1. Oh my goodness..I want to devour every item on this post. Breakfast is my favorite meal!

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