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There was Zara in Bruges, so I had to stop by. I bought this beautiful necklace. Well, not just the necklace…

I bought this nice neon tee, perfect for Summer, if you ask me.

And a simple navy cardigan that is going to protect me from the breeze during Summer sunsets by the sea (oh, holidays, please come soon!)

Now you are probably thinking that I’m one of those superficial women who just buy clothes, shoes and other stupid things when they travel. Well, you’re right. But if you have read just one more post of this blog you can also imagine which is my other favourite souvenir… Yeah, that’s right. Food.

Following the advice of my beloved Tokyobanhbao we bought some Speculoos cookies and Speculoos spread at Juliettes (Wollestraat 31, Bruges). I still haven’t tried it because I ate so much in Bruges that now I’m in a sort of rehab… But, give me a few days and I will devour it.

Obviously, we had to bring some chocolate home! We bought two litte boxes: one of different kinds of chocolates and one just full of milk chocolates with salted caramel filling.

We bought the super cute tablecloth that you see in the picture in a shop that was just amazing, I wanted to buy everything! It was called Dille & Camille. Check their website!

Do you want to see what’s inside the little boxes?

We bought these salted caramel beauties in Moeder Babelutte. They were the winners of our very own chocolate tasting!

And last but no least, I bought this cutie in Gent. One morning we decided to take the first train and visit Gent and I discovered an amazing shop full of retro clothes, swimsuits, accesories… They had the most beautiful selection of great brands. I have to say that I left my heart there with a striped yellow onepiece swimsuit. The name of this retro dream was Zoot costumiers.


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