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Our trip to Bruges was a last minute decision, but we were really lucky and booked the last room in Ter Duinen hotel. Usually we try to avoid the big hotel chains because they are a bit impersonal and when you get up you really don’t know if you are in London, Cape Town or Buenos Aires… they all look the same. That’s why we always look for nice charming hotels with something different. Well, this hotel was definitely a great choice.

Ter Duinen hotel is a wonderful, small, lovely hotel. It is situated in a restored building alongside the beautiful and peaceful Langerei Canal, a very nice ten-minute walk away from the centre of the city. What I loved the most was the attention to detail and the tasteful decoration: it was something like shabby chic meets classic French. There was an impressive collection of antique prints. Our room was really nice, quiet and it had its own little courtyard! The bathroom was quite minimalist, a surprising contrast, and had a huge wonderful shower.

Look at the door knob!

Nice warm light… not that awful bright light that you can find nowadays in lots of hotels.

It’s a bit weird but my favourite part of the room was the door! Look at that!

The owners and the staff were kind, very helpful and friendly but not overly nice. I hate when you stay in a small hotel and the owners behave like they are your parents or your closest friends!

And breakfast… it was heaven! The breakfast room was simply beautiful and overlooked a marvellous little garden. Every morning we were welcomed with a fresh orange juice, a plate of fresh fruit, a lovely basket full of different kinds of bread and croissants and a wonderful cup of coffee. The breakfast buffet was amazing, specially the selection of thin-sliced cold meats. There was a little bit of everything you can imagine.

My breakfast!

I wanted to take that living room with me!

We would love to come back! It was a perfect place to relax and enjoy some peaceful, romantic days!


  1. Dear,
    Did not know that our hotel was so beautiful.
    Thank you very much for the nice comments and beautiful pictures !

    The owners Marc and Lieve

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