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And we’re back from Bruges! We’ve spent the most incredible 4 days. The city was incredibly beautiful, the food was beyond amazing and the hotel was perfect. So, be prepared for a load of posts about Bruges this week!
Let’s begin with mmm…Monday! Once again Tokyobanhbao made a wonderful recommendation! We read about Tanuki in her blog and we didn’t hesitate and tried it! We were there twice in four days! Yes, it was that good!

The first day we ate in Tanuki we ordered just sashimi and some rolls. The taste was pure but soft. The images speak for themselves!

But the best was yet to come! Dessert! I hardly order dessert in japanese restaurants and I don’t know why I did this time, but thank God I did! It is probably the best dessert I’ve ever had! A light, soft, warm crepé with a sakura ice cream filling and the sweetest fresh fruit flambé. Heaven.

So, before leaving the restaurant we made our reservation for Saturday! We thought next time we could try the teppanyaki! And we did!
On Saturday we started with a little tempura. Tasty, light, not at all greasy, yummy!

We chose king prawn teppanyaki and black cod teppanyaki. And we saw the chef preparing it!

What can I say? Every bite was an explosion of flavours: a bit of lime, wasabi sauce that made the dish just a bit spicy, the most amazing textures, crunchy vegetables that were the perfect fresh contrast to the succulent fish and the right amount of salt. I couldn’t believe what was going on in my mouth!

If you visit Bruges, you have to try Tanuki’s teppanyaki!
Here you have the link for more information:



  1. I’ve never been to Teppanyaki, but definitely to Bruges!!! I loved this city from the first moment. It’s beauty is phenomenal…!! :-) Can’t wait to see your follow-up posts! about it:-)

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