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From Wanderlust to Unterwegs

Do you remember this post? Well, we’re making it happen! We’re taking a couple of days off this week and we’re travelling by train to Bruges! It’s going to be a very long train trip, more that 7 hours, but I’m looking forward to it! I’ve planned to take with me a couple of books that have been waiting patiently for months to be readed on my bedside table, I’ve bought some magazines and snacks and I’m going to make the most of it!
I hope we can update the blog from Bruges, if not, see you when we get back! Belgian chocolate, here we come!

Image via Agency26


  1. Have lots of fun and eat some chocolate for us, too. LOL But not too much, as i hear they get you fat… though I think that’s just a myth put out there in the world by bad people so we can’t enjoy at max the best invention ever.

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