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I always say that Vizenza is the hidden jewel of Veneto. Usually, people visit Venezia, Verona or even Padova, but they forget one of the nicest cities in Italy: Vicenza. It’s a small, elegant and quiet city full of beautiful buildings design by Palladio, small paved streets and wonderful shops. Last time I visited I was very lucky, because the city was celebrating the Monte Berico Virgin Festivities.

The Piazza dei Signori, where the amazing Basilica Palladiana is placed, was full of life. There was even a group of Tuscan flag weavers!

Here you can see the super tall (82 meters!!) Torre Bissara. The picture is not very nice, I know…

We wandered through the streets enjoying the little medieval market.

One of my favorite buildings in Vicenza is casa Pigafetta, a very particular example of gotico fiorito. The owner was Antonio Pigafetta, a very important mariner.

The most important building in Vicenza is the Teatro Olimpico, one of the masterpieces of Palladio. It is simply wonderful.

Just one more thing. If you have time, go up to the Basilica di Monte Berico. You will not only visit a beutiful church but also enjoy a breathtaking view of the city.


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  4. Christopher F. says

    Vicenza is the best kept secret in the Veneto! Everything that one would look for on an italian city is in Vicenza. Great shopping, dining, museums and night life!

    • Absolutely! I think it’s a shame that it isn’t more popular because it’s a great destination, but on the other hand it’s nice to visit a city that hasn’t been invaded by tourists yet!

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