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From Athens to Mykonos

… And back to our greek adventures! We had spent a wonderful time in Athens, but we had a wedding to attend, so we took a train and headed north. We were so excited! Greek weddings are so famous that we couldn’t wait to get to the small village in the middle of nowhere where the wedding was taking place. We spent 4 hours in a very nice train, although when we first saw it we thought it was going to be awful! Greek trains are like German or Italian trains: not very nice on the outside but quite comfortable on the inside! This is a picture of the landscape through the train window.

The wedding was beyond amazing! The bride was beautiful, the groom was gorgeous and their families were the most welcoming people we’ve ever met. The church had an incredible light, the ceremony was so different from what we had ever seen and we were so happy of being there.

I have no words to describe the wedding reception. 750 people!!! We ate tons of delicious food but my favorite thing was dessert: grapes. Yes, that was it. But they tasted like heaven! And afterwards we danced Sirtaki all night long…

That night we slept just four hours! The following morning we went back to the train station to catch a train to Athens airpot. Next stop would be Mykonos! Here you have a picture of the village train station. We waited in that platform until we saw the train coming. Then we waved our hands and the train stopped!!!

Once in Athens, while we were waiting for our flight, we received a call from the travel agency telling us that our hotel in Mykonos was closed because the summer season was over, but they will take us to another one. Nervous breakdown. We knew that the first week of October was off season but we never thought that they would close the hotel!! I hate when my plans go wrong, I’m a control freak and I did’nt know what was going to happen… Anyway, we enjoyed a very nice 20 minutes flight with Aegean airlines (great staff, great planes, great service) and finally we saw it: Mykonos!

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