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We love japanese food, so when this restaurant opened its doors in our city we were more than happy. We booked a table and well… it was love at first sight! Since then, it’s our favorite restaurant in Bremen. Last Saturday we ate there and took some photos to show you.

Toshido is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Bremen: Schnoor. This is the little street where you will find Toshido…

This is the little entrance…

The restaurant is tiny, but the atmosphere is cool, relaxed and very comfortable. The staff is really nice, so we always feel really welcome.

Our little table…

Look at the lovely soy sauce bottle! I love this detail!

While you wait for your food you can enjoy the most delicious appetizer: curry dip with an awesome and light bread.



After :-)

We’ve tried almost the whole menu, but we always come back to California Roll and Crunchy Roll just because they are the best California and Crunchy Roll ever. This time we also ordered the Spicy Tuna Roll. The California and the Crunchy Roll were awesome, as always. The Spicy Tuna Roll was really good too, but the avocado slices were not as thin as I would have prefered.

After a wonderful meal, we decided to wander through Schnoor’s little streets. It was a wonderful Saturday!


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