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We love airports and we love discovering new ones. The long waiting hours are shorter if the airport has nice shops, nice waiting lounges, nice restaurants… My favorite airports are Amsterdam Schiphol and T4 Madrid Barajas. Tokyo Narita International Airport is very nice too. I absolutely love buying beauty products in every airport, so my favorite airports are the ones with a huge selection of beauty brands and products :-)

Last Friday we spent three hours waiting in Frankfurt Airport and I didn’t like it at all. It was chaotic, not very clean and the shops were disappointing. Well, to be honest we ate a wonderful sandwich at Meyer Feinkost.

Which are your favorite airports?

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  1. Sofia says

    i really enjoyed strolling through Schippol and my next layover is at Barajas T4 so i’m pleased to read it’s similar, interesting and comfortable! looking forward to it now!

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